I have a couple words....

stop being gloomy and start being happy, doc.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

You may have noticed...absolutely nothing

Two...no, three months ago now I had a pivotal conversation with a private citizen about this blog. Then I went to Europe for two weeks. After that, realizing that a linear sense of narrative is important to telling a story on a blog, I went to my local Onondaga County library and checked out "Blogging For Dummies" (no joke). But you know what Autumn in Syracuse is like by now right? There have been myriad art openings, live music jams, Broadways musicals to attend, seasonal foods to enjoy, the regional market to haunt, bulb planting and gardening MUST HAPPEN NOW, Syracuse Crunch hockey games to drink at (at their rain water/green infrastructure ice rink), Syracuse Silver Knights indoor soccer team members to drool over, Harry Potter #7B to watch at the IMAX, and the millions of house-y things to winterize before the flurries start to fly.

To add to the insanity, this has been a perfect Autumn. Which never ever happens. Syracusans talk about the weather incessantly but in the last week it has hit a high of 71F and it has also snowed. So at least when we talk weather, we're interesting. This perfection has moved the priority scale from reading about better blogging to just getting and staying outside.

Back to this conversation though- here's how it went down. We were talking about local online resources for living here in Upstate NY. I said, "well, I have this blog...it's not super great but..." and he said, "But you're going to share it anyway." This was not in an "but you're going to share it anyway (and I'm so excited)!" way but in an "oh you're still going to waste my time" kinda way. Which, to be fair, I then proceeded to do.

This conversation inspire me to think that I have some homework and some more effort to put into this little hobby. Confession time: Syracusa has no idea how to blog. No, really, none whatsoever. I'm neither a writer, nor a social critic, and despite rumors to the contrary, I'm not a mover/shaker around here. I'm not addicted to any one thing (except perhaps food) and therefore not compelled to talk about it to everyone. And I have absolutely no interest in letting perfect strangers into the inner workings of my every move/thought/feeling as I live my life. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Most blogs I read are written by people who fall into one of those categories. Experts. Aficionados. Writers. Live/ers. And it occurs to me that you all do not just want to read random updates on THINGS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. This blog could be more. Should be more. And it will be more.

Just gimme a little more time on my hiatus. I need to renew that library book.