I have a couple words....

stop being gloomy and start being happy, doc.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a couple reasons I :heart: Roji Tea Lounge (108 E Washington St., 315-428-0844 ). Let me start with my favorite...

1) Pumpkin Pie Bubble Tea, available until the end of November 2009.

2) Third Thursday or Th3 as it is affectionately referred to is the third thursday of every month art trail where various galleries and art spaces are open late and host receptions/music/parties. The Th3 After Party on Thursday Nov 19th, 8-10pm at Roji will feature artist Courtney Rile. $1 teas available for attendees. Open to public. You can RSVP to the Roji facebook page if you like.

3) Roji is part of the Shop Syracuse Week organized by Syracuse First. Buy local, live local, love local! Nov 27th – Dec 6th.
Take an advantage of special promotions by shopping local! www.syracusefirst.org
Article: http://ournorthside.org/

4) Pineapple Sencha Green loose Tea- and doesn't that sound divine? Free sample with any purchase of loose teas. 1 sample / purchase. Until supplies last.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We had a little excitement here in Syracuse on Tuesday with a 3-way Mayoral election, an uncontested new Common Council President (Van Robinson), and a Green Party candidate (Howie Hawkins) obtaining 41% of the vote for the 4th District Common Council (so close!).

Stephanie Miner (D) is the new mayor of Syracuse. She is not only the first woman to hold the position of mayor in any major upstate city but is also a level-headed and aggressive Progressive. We need more of 'em and a large dollop of innovation to boot here in Syracuse. Mayor Miner, best wishes and keep fighting the good fight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arts n Cultura

Yes, that's right. Cultura. As in the innately feminine need to go out and experience the bliss of an artistic nightlife. While wearing pearls and gloves. Happily, I own both and intend to use them to absorb "Dracula-the-ballet" put on this Sat Oct 24th at 8pm at the Landmark Theater by the Upstate Ballet Company and at the showing next Wednesday of Steve Martin's "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" at Syracuse Stage. The 52nd Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is also very much of interest but I have lost the number for tickets. If you've got it, post it here!

Ahh, theater!

Sustainable Syracuse?

Sat down with JRealtor (names changed to preserve confidentiality) and she seemed actively engaged to create a website for Syracuse that highlights sustainability info. Kind of a mishmash of "what can you do" coupled with "what's actually happening"...like Syracuse Grows and the largest raingarden in the Northeast USA located in the Near West Side neighborhood right next to Skiddy Park.

A hub is essential right now because we (Syracuse) don't have an externally focused space to discuss & display grassroots sustainability. Or a space to disseminate knowledge a la Sustainable Tompkins. We have a ton of groups working on that stuff (Alchemical Nursery, Creative Core NY, SUNY ESF, Syracuse Real Food Coop, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Partnership for Onondaga Creek, and so on) but we don't have a centralized resource. A Sustainable Syracuse would be ideal. Now we just have to build it. JRealtor is working on the website, who wants to write some content?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shop Syracuse Week

Yes, this Holiday season 'Stop, Look, and Listen'...and leave the Made in China socks for someone else. By buying local for the holidays you'll make Christmas that much merrier for the Central New York economy and our homegrown, plucky entrepreneurs.

My personal pick...check out the myriad shops, artists, and artisans in the Delavan Center, Eureka Crafts in Armory Square, or the Syracuse Cultural Workers (for Art with Heart that won't break the credit union). My fav holiday gift is a Spa at 500 gift certificate (3 words: lemon sugar scrub).
Dear friends...

Syracuse First is putting together a BUY LOCAL week together for the week of Nov. 30 - Dec. 7 called "SHOP SYRACUSE"

The holidays are the busiest time of year for consumers and we have a chance to start shifting the paradigm from "spending to investing." A vibrant locally owned independent business community means a healthier, self-sustainable, community oriented local economy. The only way this happens is through education, awareness and behavior change. (ABC's- awareness = behavior change)

You are receiving this email as a result of your continued commitment to Central NY and the knowledge and skill set that you have. If you would be willing to participate in some capacity in the development, marketing or business recruitment for the event please respond to this email as soon as you can.

There is great energy right now for supporting responsible locally owned independent businesses who are invested in the community that we live in: we need to capitalize on this.

As always...Thank you so much.

-Chris Fowler


"Going Local Does Not Mean Walling Off The Outside World. It Means Nurturing Locally Owned Businesses Which Use Local Resources Sustainably, Employ Local Workers At Decent Wages And Serve Primarily Local Consumers" ~ Michael H. Shuman, Author of “Going Local”

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Syracuse is full of heart these days and the easiest place to find the love is in our sharing sites.

We've got the usual suspects, craigslist.org/syracuse and www.freecycle.org/group/US/New%20York/Syracuse but the latest and greatest barter & swap hot spots are a little more specialized. www.NYfoodtrader.org is the place to be for all things green and growing (or otherwise food & agriculture related) and the Giffordslist.org is the non-profit's best friend.

For your bikes, computers, and police-confiscated goods (ahem) at a good price, the online auction is the place to be: http://www.auctionsinternational.com

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Job Seeking?

And who isn't? Here is a list of great resources for those of you checking out the career/job scene:

Essential NY Jobs www.essentialnyjobs.com

Come Home to Syracuse www.comehometosyracuse.com

Idealist.org www.idealist.org

CNY Works

Got that upstate entrepreneurial spirit? Interested in starting your own business?
First check out the clinics & info sessions held at Cooperative Federal Credit Union (www.cooperativefederal.org) then go to the Southside Innovation Center (http://whitman.syr.edu/eee/ssic) or their website for a list of all the entrepreneurship resources in the the area.
More technologically/scientifically inclined? Check out the Syracuse Technology Garden for information on how they help connect business & scientists to launch new innovative companies.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities like the Metropolitan Development Association's Emerging Business Competition ($100k)...

Looking to base your business in Syracuse? Resources galore...from community development corporations willing to guide you, to the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce to represent you, to www.essentialconnections.org an online collaboration site interested in giving you the information you need. That and the City of Syracuse ((315) 448-8100) and Onondaga County's Economic Development folks ((315) 435-3770) who love to hear from you.