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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh! Oh! Fooooood

If you've never heard of Slow Food, you're missing out. It's only the coolest group of locavore foodies in the land. Oh, and the logo "growing our food economy, one salt potato at a time"...bet'ur@$$, I helped coin that.

Slow Food CNY Food and Beer Pairing

Empire Brewing Company’s local farmers and food producing partners paired with a unique collection of Empire and Middle Ages ales & lagers. 100% of the proceeds will go to Slow Food CNY.

Empire Brewing Company
July 13th, 2011
6pm to 9pm

$45 for current Slow Food CNY Members and $50 for non-members

Limited number of tickets available in advance at Empire Brewing Company and Middle Ages Brewing Company.

View the menu online at empirebrew.com

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trashing this town

I don't stand Syrabuse. And I'm a big fan of the 3R's. Put them together and what do you get, bibbity, bobbity...RECYCLING!

Flash back to the Magic Schoolbus, boys n gals. Where does it all go? The food down the garbage disposal? All the tvs and dressers put out to the curb at the end of the semester? The pile of cardboard boxes (preferably flattened and tied with cotton twine)? Batteries? Those plastic water bottles and soda cans*? www.ocrra.org is the best resource for how to dispose of it and where. Got questions? This excellent site has all your answers.

Here are the Onondaga County Basics About Garbage.

First, if you live in Syracuse, you're in Onondaga County.

Second, everything you flush or put down a street grate ends up at our state of the art Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant. Or at least, it should. We have a little infrastructure issue with Combined Sewer Overflows that allow storm water to flood our system and dump untreated waste water directly into Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Lake. Bad news bears. That's why we have Save the Rain and a government priority on green infrastructure.

Third, everything you throw in your trash can ends up in our Waste-to-Energy Facility incinerator plant on Rock Cut Road in Jamesville (you pass it near the intersection of Rts 81/481 near Brighton Road). The electricity generated from this plant powers 30,000 homes.

Fourth, everything you put in your Blue Bins to recycle contributes to the 65% recycling participation rate we have in our county. This makes us one of the best recyclers in the nation, and Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA)- the fine folks who provide those free Blue Bins- a national leader in solid waste management. So Go Green! Be a good neighbor, and fill those Blue Bins with the Recyclables glass, aluminum, paper/cardboard, and plastics #1,2,5. OCRRA hands out mad cool magnets and printable charts to help you remember all that.

We've got some private industry folk who help out too. Here's a relevant heads'up.
Cxtec’s Lifecyclexpress will be hosting the first of many Community Wide Collection events at its Recycling Center next Saturday June 25th from 8am-Noon.

A list of items you can bring include: Cabling, Calculators, Cameras, , Computer Monitors (CRT), DVD & VHS Players, Flat Screens, Fax Machines, Hubs, Keyboards, Laptops, MP3 Players, Modems, Mouse Devices, Personal Computers (PC’s), Phones (Corded & Wireless), Printers, Routers, Servers, Stereos, Speakers, Switches, TVs, and Video Cameras. Feel free to share the information!

Directions :
From the South
Take Interstate 81 North and take Exit 16A (I-481 North) to Exit 1 (Rock Cut Rd). Take a right and travel a short distance to the light and turn Right onto Brighton Ave. Go to the next light and turn Right onto Ainsley Drive, we're on the Right.

From the North:
Take Interstate 81 South and take Exit 17 (Brighton Ave). Stay in the far left lane and at the light turn Left onto State St. Stay in the far left lane and at the next light turn Left onto Brighton Ave. At the second light turn Left on Ainsley Dr. The CXtec TCDC is on the Right.

From the East:
Take NYS Thruway West to Interstate 481 South and take Exit 1 (Brighton Avenue). Turn Right and travel a short distance to the light and turn Right onto Ainsley Drive, we're on the Right.

From the West:
Take NYS Thruway East to Interstate 81 South. Follow directions from the NORTH.

*sure, you can recycle all those bottles and cans (clap your hands!)...or you can return them to any area supermarket for a five cents a pop. That's all thanks to the anti-littering legislation known as the NYS "Better Bottle Bill". Sounds sexy, right? All I know is it sure adds up fast.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're full of hot air...balloons...this weekend

This is one of those mad weekends. You'll start to notice women in traditional Greek garb wandering to and from St. Sophia's Greek Festival (icon demonstration and gyro anyone?) at the corner of Waring Road and Tecumseh.

Colorful hot air balloons of every hue will decorate the horizon line out towards Jamesville for the Balloon Festival. There are actually people who follow the balloons in their cars, waiting for them to land in some poor schmoe's backyard. These watchers pick their moment, and when the balloon is down...they rush out of the car and across the field or patio to...help the travelers carefully deflate and fold away the balloon, and are then treated to champagne. An elegant custom dating back to the origination of hot air balloon flight among the French.

Not to be confused with the Inner Harbor on your way to Carousel Mall (Solar Street, off N. Franklin Street) where some hot local bands are putting on a free concert organized to oppose hydrofracking in New York State.

And if you're looking to get your community service in for the weekend, I've got a Saturday option for you- a Citywide meeting with both Mayor Miner and County Executive Mahoney. 10am – 12pm at City Hall Commons, 201 E Washington St., Syracuse, NY (warning to the uninitiated, City Hall Commons is a different place than City Hall. Check the address!)
on Sunday, June 12th - 12pn- 4 p.m. A partnership between Home HeadQuarters, NEHDA, Northside TNT and the Social Action Committee from Temple Adath, Temple Concord, and Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas will tackle a small Butternut Street neighborhood clean up. Volunteers as well as donations are needed. Like planting trees and tracking down litter? WE NEED YOU!

You've got your itinerary. Enjoy!