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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

City-wide meeting on Saturday

Tomorrow's Neighborhoods Today (TNT) was a broken process intended to create community-led leadership on city matters in the neighborhoods. Mayor Miner is revamping the process and this meeting will be key...

Tomorrow Neighborhoods Today
Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 12th 2010
City Hall Atrium
201 E. Washington St
Housing Blitz
Presentation by Neighborhood and
Business Development Staff
For More information and to RSVP (suggested!)
email Babette at bbaker@ci.syracuse.ny.us
Or call at 448-8173 or 448-8100
* 8:30-9:00am Networking and Refreshments

Babette Baker
Coordinator-Tomorrow Neighborhoods Today
City of Syracuse
Department of Neighborhood and Business Development
(v) 315.448-8173
(c) 315.935-3773
(f) 315.448.8036

Green Drinks, 2nd Thursday of every month (erm, this week)

NEXT Syracuse Green Drinks June 10, 6pm

Oh June, Oh World Cup, Oh bloomin’ oil spill. Holy teeth clench, batman. With so much to anticipate this month, Green Drinks is your spot of sanity in a crazy Technicolor world.

Some updates- Syracuse Green Drinks has now taken its rightful place on the international list of Green Drink locations. Find out more here: http://www.greendrinks.org/NY/Syracuse AND we’re working with the Genesee Grande to create an easy method of spotting treehuggers- a table-top sign stating “Green Drinks”. Be on the lookout at our next gathering.

Speaking of which, JUNE 10th at 6pm is the next Green Drinks, followed closely by July 8th. We’re out on the patio unless it’s raining. The Genesee Grande Hotel: 1060 East Genesee Street Syracuse, NY 13210